Top 10 Multivitamin Companies in India – A multivitamin is a nutritional supplement that contains vitamins, fortified minerals, and other nutritional elements and is suggested to be taken as a supplement to a nutritious diet. These drugs can be purchased as tablets, capsules, lozenges, powders, liquids, or injectables. We can also say that multivitamins as a food classification, besides injectable forms, which can only be bought and used under medical maintenance.

Top 10 Multivitamin Companies in India

Vitamins & Minerals are essences that our body requires for good health, adequate growth, and correct functioning of the body. Distinct vitamins & minerals have various roles in our body’s growth, impacting everything from nerves & bones to blood coagulation. In addition, the demand and request for health supplements are never going to fail in the destiny. This is a good possibility for people who are searching to start a business or desire to start a profession in the business field. Today we will examine the Top 10 Multivitamin Companies in India who are doing amazing in their business domain and furnish all the benefits and possibilities to new investors. 

List Of Top 10 Multivitamin Companies in India

#1 Fortune Labs

Fortune Labs with all the current molecules and continually developing underneath the table custody of our supervise Specialists. They provide a massive scope of creations such as injections, tablets, and new drugs that are DCGI-accepted. These contain Antibiotic & Anti-Infectives, Anticold & Anti Allergics, Analgesics, and Antipsychotic Drugs. Besides, our coverage also contains Gastro & Antiemetic & Anti ulcerants, Cardiovascular Drugs, Hormones, Neurology Supplements, Haematirics, and Nutritional Supplements. Our complete range also contains Dry Powder, Capsules, Tablets, Protein, Packet, Syrup, Injectables, Ointment, Eye & Ear or Nasal Drops, and Ayurvedic Products. 

Contact Details

Company Name – Fortune Labs

Address – Plot No. 99, First Floor, Industrial Area, Phase-2, Panchkula, Haryana, 134113

Phone No. – 86900-00096

Email –

#2 Arlak Biotech

As one of the top pharma companies in India, Arlak Biotech delivers an expansive range of PCD pharmaceutical products to the healthcare sector at reasonable prices. Their anthology contains tablets, soft gel caps, tablets, injectables, syrups, relevant gels, lotions, oils, etc. Arlak Biotech Pvt. Ltd is a World Health Organization (WHO)-certified PCD Pharma Marketing Company. They confirm that their items meet the highest safety measures and are wrapped up in standards. They are furnishing their consumers with creative and understandable communication via promotion data tools.

Address – SCO 5-6, Kalka Highway, near Hotel Sunpark, Wadhawa Nagar, Dhakoli, Zirakpur, Panchkula, Punjab, 140603.

#3 Greenwell Lifesciences

They have a modern framework that is developed for the comfortable conveyance of our top-standard drugs. They confirm that there is no concession on the standard of their products and their trademark importance. Their producing plant has been approved by WHO-GMP for their adherence to multinational standards of manufacturing. They assemble standard medicines equivalent to those constructed by the world’s supreme pharmaceutical companies. 

Address – Plot No-249, Hansa Industrial Park, Barwala Road Derabassi, Mohali Punjab (140507).

#4 Lifevision Healthcare

Lifevision products are of the tallest standard. They are simulated using the most modern technology and are unrestricted at an inexpensive price. All of their products are recognized for their increased organization, particular articulation, and high grade of protection. The Standard Control Laboratory, Wrapping, and Shipping Units are created to fulfill the demands and purposes of the company while attaching to industry standards. Additionally, the R&D Center is found in their configuration where different analysis activities are performed. They confirm that they furnish the highest-standard effects to their consumers punctually.

Address –  Plot No. 11-12, Danik Bhaskar Building, Sec. 25-D, Chandigarh – 160014, INDIA.

#5 Pax Healthcare

Pax Healthcare has existed producing and selling Pharmaceutical Products for around many years. They are dedicated to alteration and Research at every bend. Their Research and Development structures permit them to be aggressive in restoring areas where there is a big unsatisfied medical need. They have developed manufacturing facilities and big storage establishments to hold the products made in volume standard. 

Address – Top Floor, SCO 177, Sector 38C, Sector 38, Chandigarh, 160036

#6 Nutra Healthcare

Their product scope is of the most elevated standard because, throughout the manufacturing method, they give maximum preference to the standard of their products. They are dedicated to furnishing standards and probity to their clients, and their conditions are met to confirm that the outcomes are valuable to them. Nutra Healthcare has a reliable analysis and consequence team that works on articulations, product design, and evolution teams to deliver adequate alternatives of amazing products.

Address – S. C. F. 1010, M. M, Manimajra, Chandigarh, 160101.

#7 Biophar Lifesciences

Their manufacturing assistance is brought out in various forms in the country. Additionally, in their multivitamin tablet range, they also furnish other related products like Inositol, omega-3 fatty acid, zinc, and methylcobalamin with alpha lipoic acid tablets. The assistance they furnish is of the top standard. They have a modern infrastructure that is developed for the comfortable delivery of tall-standard drugs.

Address – Paras Down Town Square MallL, office 20, Zirakpur, Punjab 140603.

#8 Lifecare Neuro

The company is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and approved by the General Medical Council for the use of current technology and is furnished with contemporary machines and devices. Lifecare Neuro is dedicated to building business standards through all actions and is continually contemporizing and enhancing to provide a constant standard that exceeds industry standards. The company also fabricates product coverage on a third party and loans license motivation to other Pharma companies.

Address – Lifecare Neuro Products Ltd. B-307, Elante Offices, Industrial and Business Park, Phase 1, Chandigarh-  160002, India.

#9 Healthy Life Pharma

They simulate all their products as stated to WHO standards and track all ISO procedures. Their product range contains both general and operational pharmaceuticals. They can satisfy their clients’ volume and time targets. Their creations meet their transnational standard criteria and consistently produce the expected outcomes for their customer’s pleasure. 

Address – 2B, Citi mall, 2nd floor, office no 2B-1, 2, New Link Rd, Andheri West, Maharashtra 400053.

#10 Bionova Lifesciences

The company’s producing group is positively committed and devoted to the standard of their products. The company’s R&D team has acquired sensation in furnishing adequate explanations in nutraceutical articulation.

Address – #55 & 56, J.C, Bikasipura Main Rd, Industrial Area, Yelachenahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560062.


In the above details, we give you proper information about the Top 10 Multivitamin Companies in India. So you can select which company is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question – What are the unique relations of multivitamins?

Answer – Avoid taking more than one multivitamin product at the exact time without your doctor telling you to. Assuming comparable vitamin products jointly can result in a vitamin surplus or severe side effects. Detour the normal use of salt replacements in your diet if your multivitamin includes potassium.

Question – Which company provides the best multivitamin tablets in India?

Answer – Fortune Labs provides the best multivitamin tablets in India.

Question – When selecting a multivitamin, what information should be considered?

Answer – If you’re bearing to begin taking a multivitamin, select one that’s developed for your gender and age group so that you’re bringing the respectable combination of vitamins and minerals your body requires at this phase of your life.

Question – What are the rules for multivitamins?

Answer – One portion size is one or two tablets daily. Peruse the tag strictly to avoid taking too much or too little of the daily suggested quantity.