Drug Price Control Order Act (DPCO Act) – Well, The Drug Control Order (DPCO) is an order that the government issues under the Essentials Act which allows it to regulate the prices of certain essential drugs and their composition. This regulatory order was introduced back in the 1970s for the first time the government-imposed restrictions on the profits of pharmaceutical companies. The purpose of DPCO is to ensure the availability of essential and life-saving and prophylactic medicines of good quality at reasonable prices. However, it promotes the efficient use of medicines in the country to promote affordable production by economic size. Therefore, in this blog of Fortune Labs, we are going to explain to you about the Drug Price Control Order Act (DPCO Act) by all means.

Drug Price Control Order Act (DPCO Act)

Well, some pharmaceutical companies began to increase the prices of their products in order to get a higher ROI and affect the average user. When it comes to the Government’s view that pharmaceutical companies are raising the price of most of the products that their consumers should be buying. In order for the government to take action and introduce an action called the Drug Price Control Order or DPCO that states the value of the essential drug should be regulated by all means.

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As the Government of India has the power to fix the high selling price, it can be possible to analyze from the implementation of the DPCO Act to date, there have been a lot of fluctuations in prices and percentages in products and total price, low cost, etc. 


The Drug Price Control Order is a program issued by the Government of India to take care of people’s health and profits if they are manufacturers of Bulk Drugs. It regulates and integrates almost all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry. The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority has played a very important role under this Order. He made it clear that it was the Government’s responsibility to make life-saving drugs, accessible to the general public.

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